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Dragons' Trust Book 4. More details soon... Xavier Howell bk 1 By Krista Wayment

Twelve–year–old Xavier Howell has a knack for making things go awry on a colossal scale. Like the time his beetle trap experiment turned into a minefield of dung bombs. Or when his chemistry assignment covered the whole classroom—students included—in orange goo. Otherwise, he's just an ordinary kid on a normal outer–world colony . . . as far as he knows.

When a mysterious black spaceship shows up and almost fries the colony to a crisp, Xavier uncovers a holographic message containing a secret and a warning that "The Man" (evil head of the Cornucopia Conglomerate) will do anything to get his hands on it.

A Note from the Author:

Xavier Howell and the Chaos Effect is a funny science fiction adventure and was as much fun to write as it will be to read. I've actually finished this shortly after I release Burned, but wasn't sure about publishing it.

After getting much feedback and a major revision that tweaked things just enough to make it perfect--I finally decided it was ready for the world. But, I knew I had to get Stolen out first. After all... the wait on that one has been long enough already. So I will be finishing the Dragons' Trust Series before I release Xavier Howell.

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And then, you can pop over and read a rough, unedited version of the first chapter of Xavier Howell and the Chaos Effect.

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